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After 20+ years of experience trading, and teaching tens of thousands of traders, Jeff has created a groundbreaking, comprehensive options trading education service, to meet the needs and solve the problems faced by traders around the globe!


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, and the results presented are not typical, and should not be understood as typical, of RagingBull subscribers. Actual results will vary widely given a variety of factors, such as experience, skill, risk mitigation practices, market dynamics and the amount of capital deployed.



Once per week (on Monday) Jeff sets aside time to walk through that week’s Bullseye Trade. Whether he’s still in the trade, has stopped out for a loss, or logged a big winner, Jeff gives his members a compact, but detailed lesson on the takeaways from the trade… LIVE!


If you don’t see 100 trade ideas over the next 12 months that have the potential to move 100% or more, you’ll get another year of Bullseye Unlimited at no cost.


With 20+ years of real money trading experience and educating tens of thousands of traders along the way, Jeff has created an easy-to-follow, highly-liquid, trading education service for all types of traders that also includes real-time trading on a daily basis.


Weekly Bullseye Trade & LIVE Update

Every Monday at the market open, you’ll receive Jeff’s weekly Bullseye Trade and plan, with the EXACT options contract he’s eyeing, plus his desired entry price, target, and stop loss.

Join Jeff LIVE for his weekly Bullseye update, where members get a compact, detailed walkthrough of his trade plan, and how he’s looking at managing it for the rest of the week.

PLUS: Bullseye Unlimited members get even MORE insights on the Bullseye idea of the week, including updates on how Jeff’s managing his position while he’s in the trade.

Top Targets Watchlist & Email

The Top Targets Watchlist provides a daily short-list of Jeff’s top 3 trade ideas he’s looking at for the day, informed by technical analysis and trading tools Jeff uses every single day.

Each morning Jeff sends out an email with his top 3 trade ideas shortly after the open, along with a market overlook, and real-money portfolio updates.

PLUS: Get App alerts every time Jeff posts new trade ideas to the Top Targets watchlist.


Jeff alerts Bullseye Unlimited members when to meet him in The Shooting Gallery, his exclusive live trading chat room, when he sees activity that he’s looking to set up a trade on.

Jeff posts these trade ideas to the Gallery’s Trading feed too, so members can see the EXACT contract he’s looking to trade (even if they miss the live session), and go over specific trades or questions.

Complete Collection of Options Video Training

Stock Options Explained

All the lessons Jeff wishes he had when he first started out trading options over 20 years ago. The perfect tool to accelerate your learning curve for options trading.

The Launchpad

A powerful collection of excellent video trainings to help speed up your improvement! Get lessons jam-packed with ideas that can directly improve your trading skill and confidence, available on demand to watch when you want.


Monthly LIVE Bullseye State of the Union

On the first Wednesday of every month at 2pm ET, Jeff will do a special bonus LIVE session with members for a monthly Bullseye State of the Union address.

He’ll share his macro-view of the markets for the month ahead, sectors and opportunities he’s looking at, plus a couple of his favorite longer-term trade ideas.

Each session will be recorded and put in the dashboard, and members will get a follow-up core watchlist of his favorite ideas for the month ahead via email.

100X100 12-Month Guarantee

Over the next 12 months, Jeff is making the most ambitious trading journey of his career to find and alert 100 trade ideas that have the potential to move 100% or more.

He’ll be totally transparent throughout the process, sharing every idea that works out to keep him accountable with members.

If you don’t see 100 trade ideas over the next 12 months that have the potential to move 100% or more, you’ll get another year of Bullseye Unlimited at no cost.

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