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You’re moments away from capturing HUNDREDS of Jeff Bishop’s Gamma Trigger Trades


Gamma Trigger Alerts

Every day the market is open – 252 days a year – you’ll be receiving THREE of Jeff’s top trade ideas, complete with his ideal entry targets, profit goals, and stop losses…PLUS 52 weekly highlight trades for a total of over 800 trade ideas per year!


If Jeff can’t identify 100 trade ideas over the next 12 months that he believes has the potential to move 100% or more, you’ll get another year of Gamma Trigger Alerts at no cost.


With over 20+ years of real-money trading experience, Jeff Bishop has educated tens of thousands of traders and now you’re preparing to join the ranks of his most elite students as part of a trading education service that includes real-time trading on a daily basis.

Your Opportunity

I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re reading this page, it means you’re moments away from getting your copy of the perhaps the most important report Jeff Bishop has ever published…

“Tech Reckoning”

Inside these pages, you’ll be discovering the exact science behind Jeff’s Gamma Trigger System… the one that he’s using to target 100 trades with triple-digit potential over the next 12 months…

While also learning about his top 9 “New General” stocks — premium picks Jeff projects may come soaring from the ashes, potentially toppling today’s FAANG stocks and seizing the throne…

As well as a list of the WORST “zombie” companies that he believes skilled traders are dumping right now.

What’s more…

You’re also going to become a member of the elite Gamma Trigger Alerts community, securing real-time access to additional research… critical market updates…

And most importantly…

Hundreds of Jeff Bishop’s premium Gamma Trigger Alert trades.

Everything you’re receiving TODAY with your all-inclusive Gamma Trigger Alerts membership:

Instant Access to Gamma Trigger Alerts

Every single week, Jeff Bishop will be sending out the Gamma Trigger Trade & Plan report, containing an official trade generated by the Gamma Trigger system

This trade is run through the four phases of Jeff’s system – Segmentation, Consolidation, Ignition, and Augmentation – laying out the exact contract…

The ideal entry price…

In addition to our price target and stop loss.

Every facet of the trade is laid out there right in front of you, allowing for skilled traders to execute their orders immediately.

DAILY Market Reports & Trade Ideas

Every single day the market is open – 252 days a year – you’ll be receiving a full report on the day’s market conditions, emerging trends, and three more of Jeff’s TOP trade ideas – 

Again, each and every one of these trades will come along with:

  • The exact options contract
  • Ideal entry points
  • Profit targets
  • Stop loss targets

Neatly packaged so you can apply these ideas and strategies to your trading right away.

We’re talking about 800 possible trades over the next year, all generated by the Gamma Trigger System.

Jeff’s Shooting Gallery LIVE Trading Room

When Jeff’s setting up a new trade or kicking off a new lesson, you’ll be getting an email alert from Jeff directing you to a private trading channel.

Once inside, you’ll be trading side-by-side with Jeff as he’s identifying potential opportunities in real-time…

While asking questions, learning and interacting with all of his other students!

Even if you can’t attend the live sessions, Jeff posts the EXACT options contracts and trade details in the room’s Trading Feed, so you can keep following along and learning from his moves throughout the day!

Monthly State of the Union Address

On the first Wednesday of every month at 2pm EST, Jeff’s hosting a special live event exclusively for Gamma Trigger Alerts members.

During this State of the Union, he’s giving you a bird’s eye view of the markets – you’ll be checking every sector and reviewing all of the emerging opportunities…

While analyzing longer-term trade opportunities to create the month’s Action Plan — which you’ll be receiving in your inbox immediately after, along with a follow-up watchlist and Jeff’s top ideas for the month to come.

Jeff’s Complete Options Training Library

You’re also getting the chance to power your growth even further with Jeff’s complete options video training library —

This multi-hour video course is designed to take you from novice to pro, handing you ALL of the tips and insights Jeff Bishop wishes had 20 years ago.

You’re discovering every lesson he’s ever learned, a full rundown of every tool, and a soup-to-nuts explanation of how successful options trading works, complete with real examples of options trading. 

These are all of the strategies that have guided Jeff into his position as one of the world’s top traders, all collected in one convenient spot.

Raging Bull’s Exclusive Client Care Hotline

You’re about to become part of an elite trading community with your own private member hotline… and an exclusive customer-care team dedicated to helping you get the most from your membership.

If you ever have any questions about your subscription… or you need guidance on any of the resources we’re putting in your hands today…

Just give our specialized client care team a call, and they’ll help you with anything you need.


If you're not 100% satisfied with your Gamma Trigger Alerts subscription, you're not locked in. Just give our team a call in the first 30 days, and they'll help you transfer 100% of your purchase price today to a RagingBull Subscription of your preference!

As a Charter Member, you’re entitled to our very best deal.

The standard retail rate for a Gamma Trigger Alerts membership is going to be $3,000…

And it would still be worth every penny at that price —

But Jeff is a Main Street advocate first and foremost.

He doesn’t want to “price you out” of attaining this level of professional research…

The type of research that changes lives every day… that could take an average investor to the next level, providing them with the skill and toolset to capture as many as 800 trades over the next 12 months.

Everyone should have this —

That’s why you’re not paying $3,000 today.

As a charter member of Gamma Trigger Alerts… you’re locking in an incredibly discounted rate…

One that’s guaranteed never to increase.

Right now, Jeff is giving you the opportunity to join Gamma Trigger Alerts for a year at $997.

But to slash the cost of your access today… maximizing your value right off the bat…

He’s offering you an exclusive VIP Membership Option… for a one-time payment of $1,997, and you keep your membership active for up to 5 years (with only $1 annual maintenance)!

That’s 66% Off Retail Price,
Saving You $2000 Right Now

That works out to $2.74 a day — less than a cup of coffee. 

PLUS, by upgrading to a VIP membership, you’re also entitled to a 30-day safe harbor period — 

Meaning you’re getting to test-drive Gamma Trigger Alerts for a full 30 days, and if at any time during that period, you decide that the longer-term plan isn’t for you…

You can return your membership to the 1-year, securing a $1,000 refund, no questions asked.

Jeff understands that you’re already putting your hard-earned money at risk in the market every day —

And he doesn’t want to put more stress on your plate.

That’s why he’s backing this service with his 100 x 100 Guarantee

If Jeff can’t identify 100 trade ideas over the next 12 months that he believes has the potential to move 100% or more, you’ll get another year of Gamma Trigger Alerts at no cost.

It’s an easy choice to make.

But understand —

Once you navigate away from this page, it’s possible that you will never see this offer again.

So take a moment to consider everything we’re putting on the table for you today…and make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones.

Choose the best option for yourself below.

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