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"I like JZXN above $.23 because if it breaks $.30 it could breakout. Stop loss is below $.23, trim and trail at $.30 and look for the breakout above." -Jason Bond

Apr 28, 2023 02:34 PM

"I am going to buy JZXN around $.24-$.25 and the goal is to exit above $.30." -Jason Bond

Apr 28, 2023 04:09 PM

"JZXN is up 60% in the after-hours --> here fishy, fishy, fishy, in da boat! YES!" -Jason Bond


Trading is hard. Most traders lose money. Nothing is promised. Results not typical.

Jason Bond's Lightning Alerts

From $299 or $29.13/mo. with 2-year plan

Stories move stocks prices

Be the first to discover the stocks Jason believes will soar in price with his Lightning Alerts market-moving news scanner. From drug trial results to M&A deals, if the market is about to price in amazing news on a small-cap, Jason’s scanner picks it up.

Get the news that matters most

Since Jason is in the trenches with you, monitoring small-caps, when news hits he’ll explain it, whether it’s likely to move the stock price or puffery.

Speed up your analysis

One of the biggest risks when trading small-caps is dilution through stock offerings. Jason will breakdown the companies cash needs, assigning an ‘overall risk’ score of low to high, to increase the odds of avoiding these momentum busting filings.

Never trade alone again

Watch Jason Bond as he trades in real-time. You’ll hear his rationale for entering and exiting trades, so you can gain valuable insights into how a professional trader thinks. This is as close as you can get to being in Jason’s office with him as he trades in real-time with real-money!

Time your trades with precision

To help you learn to time your trade entry and exit points with impeccable accuracy, Jason alerts his real-money swing trades, from the watchlist, before he buys or sells, directly to your smartphone. You come first! 

Reduce guess work when you trade

If you want to learn to trade well, then you’ll need to apply what you’re learning to what’s happening now in the market. Jason’s powerful collection of video training sessions are there to speed up your learning curve.

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