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Raging Bull Scanner Suite

Our Goal is to Provide you with Consistent, Endless, Real-Time Trade Ideas.

These scanners allow us to do just that.

It's Time to Dial In.

Now you can access our GROWING library of interactive scanners , each uniquely programmed with our trader's top trading strategies.

Unusual Options Scanner

The Dollar Ace Unusual Options Activity Scanner is part 
of Ben’s strategy for monitoring smart-money activity in the market. This scanner highlights large volume options activity; particularly on options contracts price around a dollar or less. Out-of-the-money calls or puts are risky bets that can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, and should get any traders attention, and with the Dollar Ace Unusual Options Activity Scanner, now they do. Less user-friendly iterations
 of this scanner can be purchased for around $300 per month. Looking to trade a stock and want to know if the smart money’s with or against you? Search for it on the Unusual Options Scanner… or you could guess and roll the dice!


Dark Pool Scanner

The Dark Pool Picks Scanner is another smart-money monitoring favorite of Ben Sturgill’s. This scanner shows when massive block trades are taking place “off-exchange”, and
 that are invisible through the use of generally available trading tools. These hidden trades have been known to precede market-moving news, and despite being mostly out-of-view
 of the general public, make up around 40% of the total market volume traded daily!


Squeeze Scanner

The LottoX Squeeze Scanner is Ben Sturgill’s go-to for spotting stocks that are entering or remain in a squeeze pattern on multiple timeframes, all at once. In fact, many of the terrifyingly exciting “0DTE” plays that are connected with Ben’s Thursday Live-Lotto Sessions are coming right off this scanner, which is available throughout the trading day, all week long. This scanner shows stocks that could be getting ready to fire from a squeeze, long or short, on 15 minute, 60 minute and hourly timeframes, making it a suitable idea generation tool for swing traders and scalpers alike.


Trade of The Day Scanner

The Trade of The Day Scanner tracks Davis’ favorite pattern; the 3 / 8 EMA crossover. This crossover determines the preferred direction for Davis’ trade of the day, a stock option trade on the S&P 500 delivered to members at 9 AM. This crossover alone has helped Davis realize real money gains of 80%, 127%, and even 271% intraday.


High Octane Scanner

The High Octane Scanner looks for Jeff Bishop’s signature “Money Pattern”. This crossover-style pattern helps reveal moderate and high-conviction momentum shifts in the direction of price action, and the interactive and searchable scanner identifies the stocks throughout the market that are exhibiting Jeff’s single favorite trading setup all day, every day, whenever the market is open.


The BOOM MACD scanner looks for the alignment of the trend and momentum of a stock or index. Twelve MACD’s must align together for a stock to appear on the scanner. Next, we it looks for a squeeze, a price pause from moving up to sideways price consolidation. Triangle formations frequently appear during the price consolidation. Price explodes out of the consolidation of the squeeze as it fires. This is the Boom!. A quick burst in price where we look for opportunity!

Lightning Alerts Momentum Scanner

The Lightning Alerts Momentum Scanner scours the
 market for stocks running on $2M in liquidity or more,
up 2% or more and is sorted by percent gain. This is a very useful scanner for momentum traders because it drowns 
out the noise, narrowing thousands of stocks down to 10 'rangers' that can spike 10, 20, 50 and even 100% in a day.

Jason has paid $1968 yearly for this type of scanner and it is included in this great scanner suite package.

In fact, we randomly pulled 4 of our 9 scanners an compared them with the marketplace and the SAVINGS are astronomical. Our Dark Pools, Unusual Options Activity, Momentum Scanner, and Squeeze scanner alone, in today's deal, will save you over $6,500 yearly. But we're not shocked because RagingBull is paying over $10,000 a month for the data to build all these scanners. That's $166 yearly versus $6,717 in the marketplace. But we're not just doing 4 scanners, so let's keep going.

"Gap Up" Scanner

Trading isn't over at 4pm, matter of fact, some of the biggest movers happen between 4pm and 8pm EST. My postmarket "gap up" scanner scans the markets for the biggest momentum movers on news or just volume breakout and displays them on a easy to follow format. Let this scanner 
help you find some of the after hours biggest plays!

Momentum Scanners

When it comes to momentum trading, you NEED an edge, you need a scanner that hones in on only the biggest movers with strong volume and high conviction. My Momentum Scanners do just that. A 3 tiered custom scanner that focuses on stocks ranging from $20 down to $.001 that are up at least 10% on
 big $ liquidity with the potential to move triple digits. My "Breakout" scanner is laser focused on only stocks making new highs, a true momentum traders favorite. No more worries about where the big movers are, this scanner is built to catch them all!

Are You Ready for Limitless Trade Oppurtunities?

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