By showing up for today’s Master Class, you’ve already taken a monumental step in your financial journey…

You’ve gotten to take a look under the hood of my “Strike Raid” trading system…

How this style of trading can produce gains of 300% (or more), all while keeping risk limited to the amount I invest to open the trade

But just like anything else, executing a Strike Raid is a skill.

Without consistent practice, everything you learned today will (likely) go to waste, when it could be helping you take your trading game to the next level.

I don’t want to see that happen to you.

Which is why, right now, I’m formally inviting you to join the ranks of my most elite Small Account Journey students as a charter member of Strike Raider.

As a member of this exclusive trading community, you’re getting the chance to follow along week after week as I inject these explosive, high-impact options plays into the mix —

With every ticker, every entry and every exit fully pre-alerted via email and the RagingBull app.

Now, I can’t guarantee that every trade will be a winner —

But considering the fact that I’m clocking in with a 96% win rate right now… (only 2 losing trades out of 60)*as of June 20, 2023

I know that I can handle the occasional loss without it blowing up my account.

When you join today, you’ll also get a front-row seat to my LIVE trading sessions every day so you can join me on the hunt for my next big winners.

In short, I’m giving you all the resources you need to experience and apply the high-probability techniques that I use every week to track down and manage these volatile Strike Raid plays.

Everything you’re getting today as a charter member of my exclusive Strike Raider research service:

Access To The Chat Room:

Every day until roughly closing bell, I’ll be LIVE in this interactive chat room hunting down trades… building our watchlist… and demonstrating how I skillfully approach these trades.

Daily Briefing Emails:

After each of our live sessions, I’ll send you a full debriefing to let you know what we covered, and my comprehensive gameplan for the coming day with ample time to look it over before the market re-opens.

These emails will include…

My Watchlist:

This my complete collection of TOP targets — tickers that I’ve analyzed endlessly to identify the potential for “Strike Raid” indicators to emerge.

If I’m gearing up for a play, I can almost guarantee it’ll be on one of these stocks.

My Positions:

These are the trades I’ve personally entered with my own money as I aim to balloon my trading account —

My intention is to only be in these trades for days or weeks at a time, so I can move right into the next trade.

Access to the Raging Bull Mobile App:

This is your one-stop-shop for all the Atomic Trades action. With it, you’ll receive notifications about our upcoming War Room sessions, real-time alerts for any trades we’re entering or exiting, and every single special report and tutorial I publish for my members.

Email Alerts:

I don’t want you to miss a single moment of the action. That’s why, in addition to your mobile app alerts, you’ll receive instant email alerts for every entry and exit on my trades, as well as the full details you’ll need if you want to place the trades yourself.

Encrypted Members-Only Dashboard:

You’ll immediately receive log-in details for my encrypted website, giving you instant access to:

  • My personal trading journal
  • A full archive of my active and past trades
  • The complimentary training workshop…

And everything else you need to hit the ground running and incorporate my Strike Raid tactics in your own trading.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Strike Raider subscription, you’re not locked in Just give our team a call in the first 30 days, and they’ll help you transfer 100% of your purchase price today to a RagingBull Subscription of your preference!

I’ve wrapped all of these resources – into a single value-packed box that I’m making available to you at a rock-bottom price.

In most cases… access like this would cost you thousands of dollars per year, but frankly —

The goal of my service is to help traders unlock their full potential, and I refuse to price anyone out by charging exorbitant fees like the others do.

That’s why I’ll only be charging $1,497 when I open this community to the public…

And while I know the education I provide would still be worth it at that rate, I’m going to give you the very best deal I can muster.

When you join me today as a charter member of Strike Raider, I’m giving you full access for just $997 —

33% off the retail price.

But that’s not all.

I’m also giving you the chance to maximize your value even further with a Platinum membership for only $2,497…

That’s unlimited access for barely more than the typical cost of ONE.

You’ve already seen what these strategies are capable of when used skillfully, with the right timing…

And I want you to be right there with me as we celebrate every successful Strike Raid…

When we come together as a community to learn from the occasional loss…

And most importantly, I want you there as we continue to grow this elite trading community.

Congratulations again on taking this crucial step, and I can’t wait to see you in the trade room.

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