Jeff Bishop introduces RagingBull's most advanced options trading program ever!

  • Advanced Options Techniques used to maximize  statistical win-probability
  • 100% pre-alerted, trades with automatically-triggered exits
  • Strategic use of “theta” (time decay) to benefit positions over time
  • Zero over-trading, with consistent position sizing and limited to 3-5 positions at once
  • Defined-risk, low-stress trade mechanics

The Probability-Based Trading Strategies used by the Pros

"Eventually, traders need to admit that they can't consistently predict where stocks are going to move to, and adapt their trading. These 'Bookie' options tactics are my go-to for mechanized, stress-free trading."
Jeff Bishop


Weekly Live Trading Sessions

These sessions allow you to see his options strategies in action and receive additional market analysis directly from Jeff.

"Less-Is-More" Max-Conviction Trade Alerts

The market waits for no one. You’ll be sent instant trade alerts directly to your smartphone device whenever a trade is opened or closed, average of 2-3 advanced options trades per week.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

During these Q&A sessions, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get your trading questions answered in real-time. He'll also teach and answer questions on the mechanics of advanced options techniques.

Updated Trade Spreadsheet

Stay on top of what trades are open and closed, so you never miss a beat.

The Ultimate Options TACTICS for treating trading like a business... not a hobby.

Jeff’s 10 Commandments of Options Trading

 :chart_with_upwards_trend:Admit that you can’t consistently predict where stocks are going to move, and adapt your trading accordingly
:eyes: Identify zones a stock is likely to trade in, rather than fixating on a specific price
:robot_face: Make your trading mechanical by setting up specific rules and sticking to them
:moneybag: Avoid excessive risk and trading consistent size positions
:alarm_clock: Use time decay to your advantage with risk-defined trades
:dart: Only make trades with a natural advantage of winning
:briefcase: Treat your trading like a business, not a hobby
:mechanical_arm: Automate your trading process with clear entry and exit rules
:handshake:Trade consistent size positions that you are comfortable with, do not take excessive risk.
:boom:Use risk-defined trades to make sure you don’t blow up your account

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